What is Anywhere Club?

Anywhere Club is an IT hub powered by EPAM. It combines the industry’s best work, education, community, and volunteering experiences in one place, and empowers beginners as well as skilled specialists to grow within the IT industry.

Anywhere Club membership opens doors to a wide range of opportunities offered by EPAM and our multiple partners, from access to unique content and relevant job openings, to benefits that increase as you progress in your IT career.

Our Membership Cards

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We have three membership levels, each with its own criteria and benefits. Whenever you qualify for the next level of membership, your profile upgrades automatically.

If you were previously interviewed by EPAM, and demonstrated that you were a software engineer or other IT specialist with a middle+ skills level, you qualify for Gold membership with all of its benefits right away; in case you were not, contact a recruiter or apply for a job to get an interview.

Multiple IT Partners

Anywhere Club continues to pursue new partnerships on an ongoing basis with organisations that may become your workplace one day. You’ll also have opportunities to transfer to another country as the employee of a leading company, and we are here to help you at every step along the way.