How to Start Your Career in IT: 5 Easy Steps

How can you start building your IT career and make your dreams come true?

Choose Your IT Profession

First, select your preferred IT career path. Let our pros help you evaluate your skills and research your options so you can choose the profession that suits you best.

Start Your Career with the Necessary Fundamentals

A college degree is not always enough. We focus on providing the training and education necessary for a junior information technologies (IT) specialist, and helping to build a professional network. Try our free self-guided course in computer science that you can complete in fewer than 16 hours!

Master Your New Profession

We offer different types of education so everyone can choose the most convenient option that suits them best.

Our professional trainers and hand-on specialists in software development are available to share their skills and knowledge with Anywhere Club members. Video conferences, meet-ups, social projects, and plenty of educational resources – our IT schooling is available whenever you need it!

Our Results

Anywhere Club works close only with best education providers. Our main education provider EPAM is a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services. With this program we offer more than 15 years of our experience in education and 27 years of experience in software development