Anyone Could Use a Bit of Help Sometimes

Anywhere Club is formed around a vision that contributing to the lives of others is as important as developing your own skills and competences. We intend to promote this view of the world and seek connection with people who feel the same way.

This is why we are currently working on our own volunteering program.

Our ambition is to create digital solutions that benefit NGOs, educational and healthcare establishments, social services, and more. For this, we plan to assemble dedicated teams on the basis of Anywhere Club, powered by the desire to change the world and help those who need it most.

Help Us Launch a Volunteering Mission

Your opinion matters. Your interest matters. Your skills matter. If we create a volunteering opportunity, would you hop aboard?

Let us know by joining the Club and ticking the box “I would love to become a volunteer” in the sign-up form.

Don’t forget to fill out your profile and tell us about your:

  • Specialization and Skills ‍ 🚀
  • Seniority Level 🏆
  • Familarity with tools 💻
  • Geographical Location 🌎

… We will then save your preferences and return to you when we have a project to offer.

Associate Projects That Inspire Us

At the moment, some parts of our volunteering program are still under development. But we already know what we want it to look like. Here are several projects that inspire us, completed on the basis of our associate partner platform:

I Have an Idea For a Project!

We’re constantly on the lookout for new suggestions from Anywhere Club members or anyone with a potential interest. If you know of a good idea for a volunteering project in the IT field, please drop us a line. We review each idea carefully and value every contribution.