Join a Discord of Voices

Did you know we also host a Discord server? We do.

In there, we hold casual conversations, share professional insights and post information about upcoming events. The server is mostly run in Russian, but there are English-speaking rooms, too.

Introducing Community-Z

Members of Anywhere Club keep in touch with the help of our partner platform, Community-Z. Here, eager IT professionals come together to share their knowledge, skills, and passions through a network of occupational communities.

Creating an account with Anywhere Club will automatically make you part of Community-Z with its wide choice of online and offline events.

Discover Top Tech Conferences and Webinars

All the events from Community-Z are free. Most of them are held online, so you can participate from any corner of the world. Enter at any level and listen to talks from experts or even do the talking yourself: with enough experience, you can become a speaker or host your own community.

A Community Which Helps You Stay on Track

Looking for commitment? Join a community which resonates with your interests: this way, you will always be able to keep track of upcoming webinars, conferences, and meetups. As part of a community, you will receive regular digests on upcoming events. If you choose to register, you will receive a notification and will be able to add it to your Calendar.

Watch Online Recordings of IT Events

For all you busy life-long learners out there: take it at your own pace! Community-Z has over 5,000 archived events, and they just keep coming. If you've missed a meetup, some of them are available as recordings in EPAM ecosystem.